Cea’s Two Cents: Personal Blog

– March 26, 2017 –

So, first blog post. It’s lit! First, I just want to say thank you if you’re even reading this. I’ve learned over time that regardless of how you act, live, and treat people, they aren’t obligated to like or support you. So I greatly appreciate you.

I guess I want to use this space to explain the idea of JoyFull Noise a little more in depth. In all honesty, I haven’t been exercising my joy very much lately. School is difficult, life is difficult, and people are difficult. Hell, I’m difficult. Life is just really really crappy sometimes and in those times it can be almost impossible to find a silver lining. JoyFull Noise is supposed to embody the idea that your Joy can truly remain Full regardless of the chaotic Noise of life. But only if you allow it to. It was hard for me to understand this and even more challenging to apply my own philosophy. In all honesty, I’m still in the trial and error phases. But I know that it’s possible, and I know that divine joy is way more abiding than feelings of happiness granted to us by wins or losses in the physical world. If I can master the art of joy, divine happiness gifted by God, then my outlook on life and my attitude would not be so easily altered by the bad or even good things that transpire in this physical realm. But that’s just the idea.

During the last few months of creating the project, I was spending significant amounts of time with my musical family, Remedy. Not so much my family at home. I was trying to pull inspiration out of anything, but I didn’t feel like I’d be able to pull anything more from home, a place that I’d resided uninterruptedly for 20 years. I’d never moved, I didn’t leave for college right after high school like all my friends did. I felt stuck there. Jackson State provided the change of scenery that I needed in order to seize being stagnant. In that, I reconnected with joy. I reconnected with the idea that even though things aren’t perfect and idealistic, I’m still blessed beyond measure. I learned that I only needed to leave home to be able to understand and appreciate it more. Really, to understand and appreciate me more. Home is the foundation. Sometimes that’s secure and sturdy, other times it is shaky and unsettled. Either way, home is the place where you began to become who you are and who you will be. From home, I remember love and joy and peace. Even when my parents didn’t know if we’d have enough money to keep the water on or gas up the car. We found joy in each other and in God. It was all love.

So what I hope to capture in this project is the concept that things will never be idealistic. Life is going to continue to throw unexpected tons of horse poop but there will also be rainbows and happiness as well. Through it all, however, we continue to grow and become greater. Life becomes easier once you begin to embrace the good and the bad. Keep living, keep loving, and be great.