Who is Vitamin Cea?

Birthed in the deep south on the Gulf Coast, Vitamin Cea is one of Mississippi’s most refreshing acts as her distinctive sound and message is one that holds the ability to stick to your soul long after she has left your presence. Cea hangs her hat on a sound rooted in honesty, soul, and universally optimistic vibes. She saturates her melodic bars in stories of lessons and memories just as often as she rhymes about her confusion, adoration, and compassion for the world and individuals around her. Her unique artistry is apparent as she is an artist who takes pride in her technique of writing in its purest form and it shows in her elaborate usage of literary devices throughout every song. Rappers come and go but Vitamin Cea is a versatile creative here to prove that she, just as many emerging artists from Mississippi, is here to cultivate the culture and make her name and her home a place to be remembered.